Saint Mary's University Undergraduate Tuition Fees 2016 - 2017

By | March 31, 2017

Saint Mary's University Undergraduate Tuition Fees 2016 - 2017

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2016-2017 Undergraduate Tuition


Faculty (Program)Nova Scotia* Canadian/ Permanent ResidentOut of Province Canadian/ Permanent Resident       International**
Co-op Work term

Tuition includes per course (half credit) mandatory fees: Arts Learning Resource ($10), Science Technology ($30), Sobey School of Business Career Services ($10), Campus Renewal ($35), Recreational Facilities Renewal ($11), Copyright ($3), Sports & Recreation ($5) and Student Services ($5).

*Nova Scotia residents‌‌ receive the NS University Student Bursary of $128.30 per half credit courses, which is deducted from the cost of each half credit (3 credit hour) course.

**International students who provide Landed Immigration or Permanent Citizenship papers to the Service Centre (Enrolment Services) will have their tuition adjusted, starting in the next academic term.

2016-2017 Student Fees

Full-time Student Fees- for students taking nine (9) credit hours or more in a term.

SMUSA Full-time student fee$150.00 ($75.00 per term)
U-Pass (Bus pass)$153.00 (charged only in the Fall term)


Students who register for the Winter term only, will pay one term of student fees:
Full-time ($75.00-SMUSA + $76.50-U-Pass) OR Part-time ($26.25-SMUSA)


Part-time Student Fees- for students taking less than nine (9) credit hours in a term.

SMUSA Part-time student fee$26.25 per term

Summer U-Pass

  • Starting in May 2016, if a student is registered in two or more courses for the May-June term they will automatically receive the Summer U-Pass at a cost of $75.00.
  • Students who are taking one or more courses over the May - June and/or July - August terms can opt-in and purchase a U-Pass at the Service Centre for $75.00.
  • U-Passes will be valid from May 1st- August 31st.
  • For questions regarding the Summer U-Pass please contact

Miscellaneous Fees

Undergraduate Applications$40.00
Residence Applications$25.00
Residence Deposits$500.00
Academic Appeal$30.00
Replacement Student ID Card$15.00
Late Registration$50.00
Returned Cheque (NSF Charge)$20.00
Interest on Overdue Accounts12.68% per annum

2016-2017 Medical & Dental Plans

Medical and Dental plans are administered by the Saint Mary's University Student's Association (SMUSA).

Medical Plan- Full time Canadian, Permanent Residents & International students

Canadian full time only
12 Month (Sept - Aug)$137.00$289.00
8 Month (Jan - Aug)$91.50$193.00
International Full/Part Time
SingleFamilyFamily (3 or more)
12 Month (Sept - Aug)$940.00$1,895.00$2,468.00
8 Month (Jan - Aug)$626.50$1,262.50$1,644.00


Dental Plan- Full time Canadian, Permanent Residents & International students

12 Month (Sept - Aug)$98$196
8 Month (Jan - Aug)$65.50$130


Medical and Dental Plan Information:

Students with comparable medical and dental coverage may opt out of the University medical and dental plans each year as indicated below:

Canadian Students: Opt out Online through SMUPort

International Students: To opt out of all or part of the health coverage, visit the Health Plan Office (Student Centre, Room 524), sign a waiver and provide proof of coverage.

Opt Out Deadlines: Fall Term - September 25, Winter Term - January 25

Questions? Contact the SMUSA Health Plan Office at or 902-496-8754


Tuition & Fee Regulations

  1. Release of Student Information- The Service Centre is often asked to disclose financial information to parents or third parties so they can make accurate tuition payments. The University recognizes a student's account as belonging to the student and therefore account information is considered confidential. Students who wish to grant a parent or third party access to their account information should contact the Service Centre at or in person.
  2. Deadlines- Tuition and fees for the University are due in full at the beginning of each academic term (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). Payment Deadlines
  3. Unpaid Accounts- Students who have not paid all tuition and fees may have their registration cancelled at the discretion of the Associate Registrar, Service Centre. A Student whose registration has been cancelled for non-payment of tuition and fees must pay all outstanding tuition and fees with an additional fee of $50.00 prior to consideration of reinstatement by the Associate Registrar.
  4. Late Payment- Students whose accounts are in arrears will not be permitted to register until their balance is paid. Students whose account is unpaid after the tuition due date must contact the Service Centre. Students are expected to reply to all communications from the Service Centre about their outstanding account. Interest charges will be applied to the student account.
  5. Interest Charges- Accounts outstanding after the payment due dates will be charged weekly interest at a rate of 12.68 % per annum.
  6. Account Holds- When a student's account is in arrears, the student will be denied access to registration, final marks, letters, confirmation of enrollment, transcripts, tuition tax receipts and may be denied graduation. A student who has holds preventing access to registration may withdraw from a course in person or by email to Course withdrawal deadlines and regulations will apply.
  7. Change in Citizenship- International students who provide Landed Immigration or Permanent Citizenship papers to the Service Centre (Enrolment Services) will have their tuition adjusted, starting in the next academic term.
  8. Late Registration- Payment deadlines must be met. In special circumstances the University reserves the right to require pre-payment in excess of the first term portion of tuition.
  9. Pre-payment- The University reserves the right to require pre-payment of tuition and fees for an upcoming term(s) at the time of registration. Removal of pre-payment conditions will be at the discretion of the Associate Registrar, Service Centre.
  10. Statements and Monthly Notices- Registered students can view/print their financial statement and schedule online in Self Service Banner. The Account Summary by Term will serve as a real-time official statement of all payments and charges made to a students account. The PDF statement will be updated on a monthly basis and may not accurately reflect a recent change to a student's account.
  11. Third Party Sponsorship- Students whose fees are paid by a government or third party sponsor (excluding student loan programs) are required to present a signed statement, certificate or other appropriate supporting documentation to the Service Centre before the payment due date.
  12. Canada Student Loan Payments- Students paying all our part of their tuition with a student loan must meet University fee deadlines. We strongly encourage students to apply early, so the loan arrives before the tuition due date. Loans arriving after the tuition due date are subject to interest charges and holds applied to the student account.

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