Algoma University Application Deadlines

By | April 10, 2017

Algoma University Application Deadlines

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Important Dates

ProgramApplication TermsApplication DeadlineEstimated Disbursement of Funds
*OSAP – full or part-time (for students wishing to use the funds from their OSAP to pay their school fees)Fall only or Fall/Winter termsJune 30Early September
Winter onlyNovember 30Early January
SpringApril 7Early May
**Special Bursary ProgramFall only or Fall/Winter termsJuly 31Early September
Winter termsNovember 30Early January
SpringMarch 31Early May
First Generation BursaryFall only or Fall/Winter termsOctober 31, 4pmMid January
Indigenous Student BursaryFall only or Fall/Winter termsOctober 31, 4pmMid January
Financial Aid BursaryFall only or Fall/Winter termsOctober 31, 4pmMid January
**Emergency BursaryAs needed/funds availableOngoing as needed/funds available
Work Study ProgramFall/Winter termsSpringSeptember 9April 12N/A
Summer Employment ProgramMay – AugustMarch 10N/A

For other OSAP/OTG related deadlines, please visit the Government of Ontario’s OSAP webpage, or contact the Financial Aid Office.

*The above deadlines are when students must have their OSAP application and all supporting documentation submitted for the corresponding study period. Permitting the student has allowed the institution to remit tuition fees from their OSAP, the non-refundable deposit payments are not required at time of registration and fees are automatically deferred if students apply by the appropriate deadlines. However, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that fees are fully paid (regardless of funding amount) by the associated term deadlines for fee payment (see the Tuition Fee Payments for OSAP Students Policy PDF).

**The Special Bursary Program and Emergency Bursary applications are paper-based only and are available from the Financial Aid Office.

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