Algoma University Programs ( Minors )

Algoma University Programs ( Minors )

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Get more out of your degree, minor in a subject you love! At Algoma U, you can choose to minor in any of our degree programs. You can also minor in the following unique subject areas:


The accounting minor offers a pathway into an assortment of accounting career opportunities for those with an aptitude for numbers, organizing, and analytical problem-solving skills. This minor paves the way into studies for a CPA designation and boasts an excellent pass rate for its graduates.

Canadian Government, Public Policy, and Administration

This minor concerns the study of Canadian politics and government, public policy, and public administration, with particular emphasis on decision-making at the federal and provincial levels, Indigenous politics, Canadian identity and nationalism, federal provincial relations, and foreign policy.

Computer Games Technology

In the Computer Game Technology minor, students apply their foundational programming knowledge to the design and development of video game software. The program focuses on a complete overview of game development, from the initial code to the finished product. Students develop skills in the analysis, design, programming, and testing of computer consoles, mobiles, PC, and hand-held video games.

Computer Games Technology/Creative Arts

This minor enables students who are interested in the artistic aspects of computer games, such as the writing of plots, the development of game flow, and the development of graphics and music, to extend their analysis and design skills to these areas.


Training in finance and economics helps students develop logical ways of thinking and problem solving, applicable to the business world and their personal lives.

Environmental Sustainability

This minor provides students with an interdisciplinary approach to understanding environmental sustainability, drawing on critical ecological theory, diverse issues in environmental justice and ecological economics, and applied approaches to ecological and community resilience. Students will explore diverse strategies to solving sustainable community development problems, and the building of collaborative and inclusive environmental initiatives that emphasize a re-localization of economies.


The French language is spoken by over 200 million people on five different continents as the first or second language. Other than English, French is the only other language taught around the world in every country as a foreign language. French has the status of being an official language in 32 countries and governments around the globe. In Canada alone, 9.6 million people speak French and French is one of two official languages. Due to small class sizes, a minor in French provides students with the opportunity to hone their French speaking and reading skills. Students will benefit from individual attention from professors, who can help with annunciation and pronunciation to make them proficient in the language.


This minor provides students with information in regards to the gathering, storing, processing, and delivering of geographic information, or spatially referenced information. Students will be introduced to the world of cartography, geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing of the environment, and air photo interpretation.

Human Development

This minor provides students with the opportunity to study a range of areas, perspectives, and issues in human development. It can be used to provide a basic understanding of some human developmental issues that would be relevant to those who wish to work with children, youth, or families in various fields.

Human Resources Management

A minor in human resources management prepares students for a career in compensation, training and development, recruitment and selection, strategic human resource planning, industrial relations, and health and safety.

International Relations

International Relations concerns the study of war and peace, the distribution of power at the regional and global levels, and the causes and consequences of international organization, cooperation, and law. Students will gain insight into the nature of diplomacy, foreign policy, decision-making, problem-solving, and key trends and transformations that have come to shape contemporary world politics.


A minor in marketing offers students an opportunity to combine their business skills and creativity. Students cover general and advanced marketing concepts, and courses investigate how these concepts are used in various businesses and markets.


Mathematics is the language of science. Increasingly, it is also the language of finance and the high-tech industry. Math is not just a powerful problem-solving tool; it is also a highly creative intellectual pursuit that combines intuition, imagination, and logic. Math is used in everyday life, including in the telling of time, the movement of vehicles, and the playing of sports. It’s also used in more complex research, including biomedical engineering, food technology, chemical sciences, civil and structural engineering, mining, and so much more. A minor in mathematics will cover practical topics like the applications of math and data analysis, as well as highly theoretical and abstract concepts.

Mobile Software Engineering

This minor enables students to develop expertise in what is becoming a predominant part of the application of computer technology. Students will study the range of applications of mobile devices and will learn to develop applications on a variety of mobile platforms. Graduates will be able to apply the use of mobile devices in business, industry, social media, and gaming.

Social Justice and Globalization

This minor provides students with a critical focus on globalization and its impact on communities within a holistic, interdisciplinary framework. Students will explore multiple conceptual and theoretical bases for community development knowledge and practice, including the social construction of theory and practice that may reflect social injustices.

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