Athabasca University Application Deadlines

By | January 30, 2017

Athabasca University Application Deadlines

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As an online university that lets you learn on your own schedule, Athabasca University approaches scheduling differently than traditional schools. Though we have many of the same events and milestones, very few deadlines apply to all students. Your key dates will likely be different from those of your classmates.

Undergraduate studentsApply anytime – no deadline!
Graduate studentsDeadlines vary by program
Financial aid4 months before beginning studies
Students with disabilities4-6 months before beginning studies
Other key dates
Transfer credit assessmentCurrent processing time: 2-4 weeks after all transcripts are received
Graduate program offer letterVaries by program
Undergraduate course registrationMonthly – register by February 10th to start March 1st.
Graduate course registrationVaries by program
Withdraw with refundUp to, or 30 days after course start date
Course extensionApply at least 30 days before course end date
Other key dates
Courses startMonthly, on the 1st of each month
Receive tutor information1-2 weeks before course start (check myAU)
Access course materialsOn or before start date. For etext courses, check myAU.
Maintain active student statusRegister for at least one course every 12 months

Undergraduate applications

Deadline: none

You can apply to AU anytime. All undergraduate programs enrol students year round. Your program begins when you apply.

Transfer credit assessment and evaluation

Current processing time: 2-4 weeks after all transcripts are received

You may register in courses while waiting for the results of your transfer credit evaluation.

Graduate applications

Deadline: varies by program

Most graduate programs have specific intake dates each year, with related application deadlines.

Offer of admission to a graduate program

Timeline: varies by program

All graduate programs review and process applications differently, so timelines will vary from faculty to faculty. Please contact your program for information about your application status. .

Financial aid

Timeline: 4 months

If you need funding for your AU program, apply at least 4 months before you want to begin your studies.

Students with disabilities

Timeline: 4–6 months

If you have a disability, we encourage you to contact the Access to Students with Disabilities (ASD) office 4–6 months before you want to begin your studies. ASD can provide services on a shorter timeframe, but starting the process early will ensure there is enough time to set up supports and apply for funding. Get other helpful hints from ASD.

Registering for undergraduate courses

Deadline: register by February 10th to start March 1st

Courses start on the first of each month. However, you must register and pay by the 10th of the previous month to begin on the first.

Receiving tutor information

Timeline: 1–2 weeks before course start

You can request course help once your course begins.

Registering for graduate courses

Deadline: varies by program

Many graduate programs are cohort-based and use online grouped study. These courses have defined start and end dates and a registration deadline. See your program website for specific information.

Some graduate programs also offer individualized study courses – register by February 10th to start March 1st.

Accessing course materials

Timeline: on or before course start date

Print textbooks will arrive before your course start date, and etexts can be accessed through myAU. You won’t be able to submit assignments or quizzes, or post to the forums until your actual start date.

Withdrawing from a course with refund

Deadline: maximum of 30 days from course start date

Timeline to process refund: approximately 45 days from receipt of request

Generally, you will be eligible for a tuition refund, minus a processing fee, if you withdraw before a course starts, or within the first 30 days of the course.

Course extensions

Deadline: at least 30 days before course end date

You have 6 months to complete 3- or 4-credit individualized study courses. You can purchase extensions if you need more time to finish.

Maintaining active student status

Timeline: once a year

AU’s unique structure lets you take courses as close together or as spread out as you need them to be. As long as you take at least 1 course within 12 months of the end of your last course (or within 12 months of admission), you remain an active AU student.

If you need a longer break from your studies, you will become an “inactive” student.

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