Athabasca University Application Procedure ( ApplyAlberta Guide )

Athabasca University Application Procedure ( ApplyAlberta Guide )

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1. Create a Secure Login Account

You will need to create a secure account to login to the ApplyAlberta application system. The Government of Alberta’s Secure Identity and Access Management System (SIAMS) will protect your personal information.

  1. Privacy Statement. Before proceeding, applicants must agree to the terms and conditions for obtaining and using an ApplyAlberta Account.
  2. Fill in your personal information. This includes the required personal information (name, birth date, address and contact information)
  3. Provide your legal first name and last name as shown on your birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport, Canadian Immigration Record of Permanent Residency, or Canadian Immigration Student Authorization document.

2. Find Your Alberta Student Number

An Alberta Student Number (ASN) is required to complete an ApplyAlberta application.  An ASN is a unique number assigned to any student who has applied to or attended an Alberta school (K-12), college, technical institute, or university. If you have attended a school or post-Secondary institution in Alberta and wish to know your Alberta Student Number (ASN), you can use the ASN Lookup service.

3. Authorize Transcript Transfer

The post-secondary institution(s) to which you are applying may need transcripts to determine eligibility for admission. You will need to authorize the post-secondary institution(s) to obtain your transcripts on your behalf, where available and required.

The first step in this part of the process is to read the legal agreement that covers the ApplyAlberta Privacy Notice, Transcript Authorization and Terms and Conditions.

  • By clicking AGREE, you acknowledge that you have read and understand all that is covered in the Legal Agreement.
  • If you do not agree, you will not be able to proceed with an ApplyAlberta application.

4. Fill in Profile

The information in your profile will be filled in automatically on any applications you submit to Alberta post-secondary institutions using ApplyAlberta, now or in the future.

Enter Your Personal Information

Your personal profile information includes legal name, birth date, citizenship, and contact information.

  • You will enter your Country of Citizenship; if Canada, you will be asked for your Immigration Status within Canada.
  • If you have citizenship within Canada or the United States, you will be asked if you wish to declare Aboriginal Ancestry.

Enter Your Academic History

Post-secondary institutions will need to know your academic history. It is important that you fill this out as completely as possible.

  • High School Information:  You need to provide the name of every high school you have attended, the date you started and the date you finished your studies. Click ‘Add High School’ if you attended more than one.
  • Highest Level Achieved:  This refers to the highest level you completed in high school, e.g., Grade 12.
  • High School Courses and Grades information:  Many institutions will use your course and grade information to determine eligibility to a program and to grant early admission before final grades are available. Current high school students are encouraged to enter their courses and grades.
  • Post-Secondary Academic History:  Be sure to provide the name of every post-secondary institution you have attended, the date you started and the date you finished your studies and whether you have or will be obtaining a credential (diploma, degree, etc).  Once completed click ‘Add Post-secondary School’ if you attended more than one.

5. Complete Application at Institution of Choice

  • Select an institution from the list and complete the institution-specific part of the application (e.g., select term/program, check admission requirements).
  • Follow the prompts to complete your application.
  • The institution will indicate which transcripts they will obtain on your behalf, and will also let you know if there are transcripts that you will need to obtain and have sent to the institution.

6. Submit Application and Pay Any Application Fees

  • When you are ready to submit your application you will be asked to review your application and declare that the information is correct.
  • You will then be asked to pay the institution’s application fee, at which time a credit card will be required.
  • The institution will then process the application and communicate with you directly regarding the status of your application and/or any additional information required.
You can return to ApplyAlberta at any time to submit applications to additional participating institutions. You simply select another institution, complete the institution-specific information, pay the institution’s application fee and submit the application. Your personal and academic profile information will be filled in automatically.