Athabasca University Undergraduate Application Fees 2017

By | January 30, 2017

Athabasca University Undergraduate Application Fees

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General Application Fee:$115
The following fees apply to all students.
Evaluation Fee:
Refer to Evaluations and Transfer Credit:$100
Examination Fees:
Examination rebooking fee: levied by Athabasca University and AU Edmonton or Calgary offices if you rebook your examination date. Non-refundable.$102
Invigilation fee: Most invigilation centres charge a fee for exam invigilation. This fee is not covered in your tuition paid to Athabasca University. Please consult your local invigilation centre to determine its fee schedule.
Late examination request fee:
(does not include courier fees, if applicable) Non-refundable.
Multiple examination fee: levied each time an examination is returned unwritten and requested again. Non-refundable.$51
Lost Exam Reimbursement (up to a maximum of $200)($200)
Supplemental examination request fee.$153
Extension Fee:
Up to three extensions (each extension is two months in length) may be granted during any one individualized study course registration:per extension $167
Laboratory Course Fee:
Please note that AU is not responsible for any lab fees charged to you by another university.
Laboratory – Kit Fee (mandatory and non-refundable)*$50
Laboratory – On-Site Fee (mandatory and non-refundable)*$50
Laboratory – Virtual Online Fee (mandatory and non-refundable)*$50
LABB/LABC Course Fees – Canadian students**$300
LABB/LABC Course Fees – Non-Canadian students (and students living temporarily in Canada on a study authorization)**$600
*Laboratory fees (on-site labs, lab kits, and virtual labs) are mandatory and cannot be waived. These non-refundable fees also apply to students with lab exemptions.
**Course fees for students only doing the lab component of the course and not the full course (E.g. LABB 325)

Laboratory Course Fee Examples:

  • Student pays the course registration fee and the compulsory laboratory kit fee:
    APST 215GEOL 201
    BIOL 204GEOL 207
    BIOL 205GEOL 319
    BIOL 230PHYS 200
    CHEM 217PHYS 201
    COMP 444PHYS 202
    GEOG 365PHYS 204
    GEOL 200PHYS 205
  • Student pays the LABB fee (not the course registration fee) and the compulsory laboratory on-site fee:
    LABB 207
    LABB 325
  • Student pays the course registration fee and the compulsory laboratory on-site fee:
    BIOL 207CHEM 218
    BIOL 320CHEM 311
    BIOL 321CHEM 313
    BIOL 325CHEM 350
    BIOL 345CHEM 360
  • Student pays the course registration fee and the compulsory virtual laboratory fee:
    ASTR 210
    BIOL 480
    GEOG 266
    Learning Resources Fee (definition):$180
    Letter of Permission Fee (per letter):N/C
    Parchment Replacement Fee:$60
    Prior Learning Assessment Fee:$761
    Prior Learning Withdrawal Fee:$250
    Prior Learning Extension Fee:$250
    Transcript Fee (per copy):N/C
    Priority Transcript Fee:$51
    Withdrawal Processing Fee:
    Retained by Athabasca University when you withdraw from your course within a specific time frame:

    • Grouped study refunds
    • Individualized study refunds
    e-Letter Print Fee:

    This one-time fee is charged to students requesting their e-letters defaulted to print.

    Nursing Clinical Fees*:
    These fees are for specific undergraduate (LPN to BN) courses and is in addition to the regular tuition for these courses:
    NURS 435 – 6 credits x $50$300
    NURS 437 – 6 credits x $50$300
    NURS 401 – 6 credits x $50$300
    NURS 441 – 9 credits x $50$450
    * Covers the cost of meeting requirements imposed by Alberta Health Services and Health Sciences Placement Network.