Brock University Tuition Fees Deadlines 2017 – 2018

By | April 14, 2017

Brock University Tuition Fees Deadlines 2017 – 2018

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Students are financially responsible for all tuition and related fees associated with registered courses. The University does not mail statements to prompt payment. To determine your account balance you must access your financial account information through the student self-serve portal.

Your payment must be received by Brock on or before the due date. To avoid interest, service charges, and other consequences, be sure that you allow sufficient time for payments to be received based on the method of payment (i.e. bank payments can take up to 5 business days to be received by the university). Interest and service charges will not be waived for late payment.

Outstanding balances will accrue interest and student account access may be restricted. Valid interest charges will not be reversed for payments received after the due date.

Any additional fees charged throughout the academic year are due immediately. Interest and service charges will not be waived for late payment.

Payment due dates – All students, including OSAP:  Payment is due by the due date or the date of registration, which ever is later.

OSAP Students

Students with a confirmed OSAP assessment before July 31 of $10,000.00 or more may pay a reduced residence 1st instalment amount. Please see residence fees for details. OSAP students living in residence should check the fee calculator online, to determine the minimum first instalment. That amount is subject to change, based on your registration and or reassessments made by OSAP.

It is the students’ responsibility to ensure their OSAP application is complete and a confirmed assessment has been obtained in order for you to pay the University in a timely manner. OSAP will be paid directly to the student, NOT the University. Interest charges will accrue on outstanding balances as noted above.

All Students excluding International CohortPayment date
Spring termMay 1, 2017
Summer termJuly 10, 2017
Fall termSeptember 6, 2017
Winter termJanuary 8, 2018



International Cohort Programs (ISP)
Those paying a program fee, please refer to the program website for details.

Graduate Funding – notification of required payment
Students receiving a funding package will have these amounts applied to their financial history account each term. The applicable term fees will be applied against the funding and any residual amounts will be available to the student. Questions regarding funding should be directed to the Faculty of Graduate Studies –

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