Dalhousie University Graduate Application Procedure

Dalhousie University Graduate Application Procedure

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Application process

  1. Complete the graduate application form (online application  or print [PDF – 128kB])
  2. Pay $100 application fee
  3. Submit supporting documents directly to the academic department to which you are applying:
    1. An official academic transcript for each post-secondary institution attended, sent directly from the host university in a sealed envelope (a notarized translation is also required for each non-English transcriptin addition to an original transcript sent directly from the host university in a sealed envelope). Notarized copies will not be accepted.
    2. Two academic reference letters, either through the electronic reference system in the online application or by paper [DOC – 100KB]
      1. If using the e-reference system, Dalhousie University will only accept university email addresses [ie not Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, business, or government addresses]. Please allow 5 business days for your referee(s) to be contacted by our system.
      2. If you are submitting a paper reference letter, it must be in a sealed, stamped envelope which is endorsed across the back seal by the referee and mailed to the address indicated on the form. If a referee is reluctant to follow this procedure, please provide him/her with a stamped envelope, addressed to the department to which you are applying, and have him/her mail the letter directly. If the reference is given to the student directly, do not open the envelope.
      3. Some programs may require additional references.
    3. Other supplementary documentation, such as English language proficiency scores, GMAT, GRE, CV, statement of intent, statement of research interests, portfolio, etc. as required by your department
      1. Please check with your department to determine if additional documents are required.
    4. If you plan to self-fund your studies, please include an original teller stamped or equivalent bank statement showing that you have sufficient funds for your full program fees (fee calculator) plus $1200 per month for the full term of your studies.

Process of admission

The initial application evaluation process is conducted by the department to which you apply. Once your application package is complete, you can expect to receive confirmation of receipt of your application and an indication of when it will be reviewed within one month. The department will do a formal review of your application, verify your reference letters, and make a recommendation to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The Faculty of Graduate Studies performs a final review, verifies supporting documentation such as English language test scores and transcripts, and gives final approval to the application.

When the final decision is made, students will receive an unofficial email from the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies followed by an official offer of admission from the University Registrar and may be requested to pay an admission deposit to reserve a seat in their program.

If you apply online, you will be able to track the status of your application online. However, final decisions on an application can only be revealed via the official letter signed by the University Registrar.

Deferred start date

Students may defer their start date up to 12 months from their original start date, provided they receive permission from their department followed by approval from the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

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