KPU Preparatory Admissions 2016 / 2017

By | January 18, 2017

KPU Preparatory Admissions 2016 / 2017

This admission category identifies students pursuing post-secondary studies in the preparatory category. There are two types of preparatory learning at KPU:

  1. Upgrading: post-secondary learning that prepares students for vocational or undergraduate studies (e.g. Academic and Career Preparation)
  2. Access Programs resulting in a preparatory credential (e.g. Certificate of Completion in Work Exploration)

At KPU such credit is awarded on the preparatory transcript. Admission criteria for preparatory admission is determined by the Faculty, and approved by Senate.

Areas of Study


Areas of Study

Academic and Career AdvancementOpen Intake Areas of Study

  • Adult Upgrading
  • English Language Studies
  • University Qualifying Studies

Limited Intake Programs

  • Access Programs for People with Disabilities (Certificate of Completion)
  • Career Choices and Life Success (Citation)
  • English Language Studies (Citation & Diploma)

Other offerings at KPU

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