MacEwan University Tuition and Term Fees 2017 / 2018

By | October 22, 2016

MacEwan University Tuition and Term Fees 2017 / 2018

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Tuition fees are calculated by taking the number of course credits multiplied by the per credit tuition rate for your program.

2016/17 per credit tuition rates by program

Academic Pathways2$222$553
Accounting and Strategic Measurement (diploma)$134$553
Acupuncture (diploma)$305$553
Arts and Cultural Management (distance diploma)$154$553
Asia Pacific Management (diploma)$154$553
Bachelor of Applied Business Administration – Accounting$134$553
Bachelor of Applied Communications in Professional Writing$134$553
Bachelor of Applied Human Service Administration$180$553
Bachelor of Arts$154$553
Bachelor of Child and Youth Care$154$553
Bachelor of Commerce$154$553
Bachelor of Communication Studies$209$553
Bachelor of Music in Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music$180$553
Bachelor of Physical Education Transfer$134$553
Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing$180$553
Bachelor of Science$180$553
Bachelor of Science in Engineering Transfer$134$553
Bachelor of Science in Nursing$180$553
Bachelor of Social Work$180$553
Business Management (diploma)$134$553
Cardiac Nursing Post-basic Certificate$222$553
Correctional Services (diploma)$134$553
Design Studies (diploma)$134$553
Disability Management in the Workplace (certificate)$134$553
Disability Studies: Leadership and Community$134$553
Early Learning and Child Care (diploma)$134$553
Emergency Communications and Response (certificate)$134$553
English as a Second Language2$209 $553
Fine Art (diploma)$134$553
General Studies$154$553
Hearing Aid Practitioner (diploma)$154$553
Human Resources Management (diploma)$180$553
Legal Assistant (diploma)$134$553
Library and Information Technology (diploma)$209$553
Massage Therapy (diploma)$154$553
Music (diploma)$134$553
Occupational Health Nursing (certificate)$180$553
Office Assistant (certificate)$134$553
Open Studies$222$553
Perioperative Nursing for Registered Nurses (certificate)$222$553
Police and Investigations (diploma)$134$553
Post-Basic Nursing Practice $222 $553
Preparation for University and College2$154$553
Psychiatric Nursing (diploma)$180$553
Public Relations (diploma)$134$553
Social Work (diploma)$134$553
Special Needs Educational Assistant (certificate)$134$553
Theatre Arts (diploma)$134$553
Theatre Production (diploma)$134$553
Therapist Assistant
Travel (diploma)$134$553
Wound Management Post-basic Certificate$222$553

1The Canadian category includes Permanent Residents and Convention Refugees.

2Tuition fees for academic upgrading (high school) and English language preparation courses are calculated by taking 60% of the number of course credits multiplied by the per credit tuition rate for your program.

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