McMaster University Undergraduate Tuition Fees

By | June 4, 2017

McMaster University Undergraduate Tuition Fees

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Upon receiving official acceptance from the Registrar’s Office and upon submission of registration, you are responsible for the payment of all fees as defined in this Calendar. Payment of academic fees does not imply your acceptance to the University. Academic requirements have to be fulfilled before your enrollment is completed.

If you are a new student, you may not forward academic fees to Financial Services until you have received your Letter of Acceptance.

You should not send residence fees unless you have received notification of acceptance.

You are responsible for the full fees for each academic term. No fee credits can be transferred from one academic session to another.

It is the policy of the University not to accept enrollment until all previous accounts are paid in full. Any payments received are, therefore, first applied to previous debts and any balances to the most recent debts.

The following fees and regulations were the most recent available at the time of publication. All fees are subject to approval by the Board of Governors. For the most current fee information, please visit The University reserves the right to amend the fees and regulations at any time.

For information on student awards and financial aid, please refer to Undergraduate Academic Awards and Student Financial Aid sections of this Calendar.

Undergraduate Fees

If you are a full-time student, fees cover your portion of the tuition cost, enrollment, library, campus health services, student organizations, and athletics, and are payable by all students.

No caution deposits are required, but students will be assessed for any unwarranted loss or breakage.

The University reserves the right to assess other supplementary fees or charges in some courses or programs to recover – in part or in full – the cost of providing course materials, accommodation and transportation for field trips, and the costs of breakages.

Fees charged by the University are approved annually by the Board of Governors for the academic year beginning September 1.

Fees shown below are for 2015-2016. The fee schedules for 2016-17 will be available on the Student Accounts & Cashiers website at in the spring of 2016.

Tuition fees include a base per unit fee plus mandatory non-tuition related supplementary fees.

Base Per Unit Tuition Per Faculty

Below is a breakdown of Canadian, International (new admissions for 2012-2013 onward) and Visa Undergraduate (returning visa students). Fees shown below are for 2015-2016. The fee schedules for 2016-2017 will be available on the Student Accounts & Cashiers website at in the spring of 2015.

($ per unit)
($ per unit)
($ per unit)
Arts & Science Level I – IV204.84793.98687.89
Business Level I299.32952.81714.34
Commerce Level II294.76952.81714.34
Commerce Level III290.65952.81714.34
Commerce Level IV286.40952.81714.34
Engineering Level I322.88992.48859.93
Engineering Level II317.96992.48859.93
Engineering Level III313.42992.48859.93
Engineering Level IV308.94992.48859.93
Eng. Mgt. Level II317.96992.48859.93
Eng. Mgt. Level III313.42992.48859.93
Eng. Mgt. Level IV308.94992.48859.93
Eng. Mgt. Level V237.20992.48859.93
Eng. B.Tech. Level I255.11873.38774.58
Eng. B.Tech. Level II251.23873.38774.58
Eng. B.Tech. Level III247.63873.38774.58
Eng. B.Tech. Levels IV, V244.10873.38774.58
Eng. Computer Science Level I255.87853.63687.89
Eng. Computer Science Level II251.99853.63687.89
Eng. Computer Science Level III248.39853.63687.89
Eng. Computer Science Level IV244.64853.63687.89
Health Sciences (Honours) Level I – IV204.84793.98724.49
Humanities Level I – IV204.84754.28604.99
Nursing Level I – IV204.84873.38724.49
All Science Level I – IV programs204.84793.98687.89
Social Sciences Level I – IV204.84754.28604.99

Supplementary Fees

Fees shown below are for 2015-2016. The fee schedules for 2016-2017 will be available on the Student Accounts & Cashiers website at in the spring of 2016.

Students Taking 1 to 17 Units Pay (Per Unit):

Athletics and Recreation Activity Fee$5.15
Administrative Services Fee$1.21


McMaster Association of Part-Time Students Fees:

Organization Fee$7.00
Total Charge per unit$13.36

Nursing Students Add:

Learning Resource Fee$8.84
Communicable Disease Screening$27.71
Respiratory Mask Fitting Fee$22.67

Students Taking 18 Units or More Pay:

Students registered in 18 or more units at ANY time during the session (including cancelled courses) will be responsible for the following fees.

Athletics & Recreation Activity Fee$116.09
Student Health Service$59.40
SOLAR Car$1.10
Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)$7.83
Engineers Without Borders$0.38


Note: If you do not wish to support the work of McMaster OPIRG you can claim a full refund by bringing your student card to the OPIRG Office within three weeks after the completion of the drop and add period.

McMaster Student Union Fees:
Student Organization Fee$124.33
Health Plan Premium*$109.95
Dental Plan Premium*$116.15
H.S.R. Bus Pass$138.65
WUSC Student Refugee Fee$1.53
Ancillary Fee for CFMU-FM$12.80
Ancillary Fee for MARMOR Yearbook$9.22
Incite Publication$0.99
Sub Total$702.09

*Note: Students who can prove comparable coverage may opt out of the McMaster Students Union Health Plan and Dental Plan Premiums. For deadline dates and detailed information, students should consult the MSU Insurance Plans web site at


  • McMaster Student Union’s University Student Centre Building fee ($0.63 per unit), to a maximum of $18.90
  • Student Services Fee ($4.53 per unit), to a maximum of $135.90
  • Administrative Services Fee ($1.21 per unit), to a maximum of $36.30
  • Athletics and Recreation Building Fee ($4.66 per unit), to a maximum of $139.80

And Faculty Specific Society/Support Fees as Follows:

Arts & Science$28.11
Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)$30.00
Medical Radiation Science Collaborative Fee$147.04
Social Sciences$65.76

Canadian Citizens, Landed Immigrant Students and Visa Students

The fee schedules for 2016-2017 will be available on the Student Accounts & Cashiers website at

Student Health Services Fees

The supplementary student health services fee of $59.40 supports the on-campus clinic facilities, which provide the services of doctors and nurses. The McMaster Students Union Health Plan Premium fee of $109.95 includes reimbursement of expenses resulting from an accident incurred during the academic year, where such expenses are not recoverable under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. The McMaster Students Union Dental Plan Premium fee of $118.90 provides a dental plan for all full-time undergraduates students enrolled in 18 units or more.

For details concerning coverage, contact the McMaster Students Union Office at ext. 22003 or visit their website at

Note: Students who can prove comparable coverage may opt out of the McMaster Students Union Health Plan and Dental Plan Premiums. For deadline dates and detailed information, students should consult the MSU Insurance Plans web site at

Co-op Fees

Co-op students attending the full academic term (September-April) should add a $1,300.00 Co-op Fee to the regular 30 unit Science fee. Co-op students attending one academic term should pay half the 30 unit Science fee plus a $650.00 Co-op Fee. Faculty of Engineering Admin Co-op Fee is $100.00 and B-Tech Co-op Fee (per work term) is $600.00.


You may register as a Listener in some degree courses. The cost is equivalent to a regular course but the student simply audits the course and does not receive a grade. Listener status is not available in limited enrolment classes. For any degree course, written permission to attend must be obtained from the course instructor before registration is finalized by the Office of the Registrar. Listeners withdrawing from a course may do so without penalty up to five working days before the first session. After that and before the second class, an administrative fee of $60.00 applies. There is no refund after the second class. This category excludes currently registered students, who may audit a course. See Admission Requirements section in this Calendar for details.

Persons Aged 65+

Subject to meeting admission and prerequisite requirements, if you will be aged 65 or over during the academic session for which you are enrolling, you may enrol without payment of tuition and supplementary fees.

Residence and Meal Plan Fees

Regular Session

If you live on campus, your residence fees cover the period, from Labour Day weekend to 5 p.m. on the day following your final April examination, and excludes the December holiday break.

The fees below are those for 2015-2016.

The Inter-Residence Council also levies an additional fee of $47.66 per student. For more information on the IRC, visit


Traditional Residences
Bunk and Loft  Room$5,028.00
Quad/Triple Room5,604.00
Double Room/6,044.00
Double Room with Washroom6,532.00
Single Room6,885.00
Single Room with Washroom7,375.00
Apartment Style Residences
Bates Apartment Room7,762.00
Mary E. Keyes Suite Room8,310.00

Meal Plans

The Residence Meal Plan is an integral component of living in any of the McMaster University residences and all students living in residence must purchase a mandatory meal plan.

If you are living in a traditional residence, you must purchase a meal plan from Group A. Students living in Bates and the Mary E. Keyes Residence must purchase a meal plan from either Group A or Group B.

The fees below are those for 2015-2016.

Mandatory Meal Plan$3,270.00Mandatory Meal Plan$2,425.00
Optional Meal Plan 13,420.00Optional Meal Plan 12,575.00
Optional Meal Plan 23,620.00Optional Meal Plan 22,775.00
Optional Meal Plan 33,820.00Optional Meal Plan 32,975.00
Optional Meal Plan 44,020.00Optional Meal Plan 43,175.00

For more information on meal plans visit our web page at or contact Mac Express, Commons Building , Room 128, telephone (905) 525 9140, ext. 27448, email

For information regarding applying to residence visit the Housing web page at or contact Residence Admissions, Commons Building, Room 101, telephone (905) 525 9140, ext. 24342, email

Summer Residence

McMaster University offers residence accommodation for summer students and casual guests from early May to late August each year.

For further information, contact Conference Services, McKay Residence, Room 124, telephone (905) 525-9140, ext. 24781.

Payment of Fees

Payment deadline dates:

Tuition fees are due in full on the following dates:

  • Fall term – September 1 (September 15 for OSAP students)
  • Winter term – Janurary 1 (January 15 for OSAP students)
  • Spring/Summer terms – May 1.  For 2016-2017 dates, please visit Student Accounts web site at

Residence/Meal plan fees are due in full on the following dates:

  • September 1 (September 15 for OSAP students).

Our web site at contains valuable information about your fees and important deadline dates.

Students who do not pay in full by the deadline dates provided in their account on MOSAIC will find balances subject to interest charges, late fees and in time, suspended privileges.  Interest is charged at an annual rate of 14.4% (1.2% per month) subject to change. A full month’s interest is calculated on any unpaid balance on the last working day of each month.

In addition, if you refuse to pay fees, or any part of the fees, you may be refused admission to the University or you may be requested to withdraw with all privileges suspended. Fees to the date of withdrawal will be assessed. If you wish to re-register within the same academic session, you will also be assessed a $100.00 reinstatement fee.

You will not be eligible for any grades, examination results, transcripts, diplomas or the payment of awards of any kind, until fees and any other accounts owed to the University are paid in full.

Note: Graduands who have outstanding accounts with the University will be permitted to attend convocation, but will not receive their diplomas until their accounts have been cleared in full.


If you are forced, by illness or other personal reasons, to withdraw from courses, you will be charged a partial fee for courses that are cancelled. The charge is determined by the date on which the course is dropped. It is important that you review the 2016-2017 cancellation schedule. It will be available on the internet at in the spring of 2016.

Miscellaneous Fees

The following fees were in effect for the 2015-2016 academic year, and are over and above assessed academic fees, supplementary fees, and residence fees and meal plan fees.

Academic User Fees

Applications for re-admission$75.00
Applications to Part-Time Studies75.00
Certification of Enrolment FeeNo fee
Diploma Delivery Fee (not charged for pick-up at University)25.00
Examination Reread (Refunded if grade increases by 3 points)50.00
Graduation Fee (Service) for those attending40.00
Letter of PermissionNo fee
Notarizing Fee (plus $0.50 per page over 10 pages)No fee
Replacement of Diploma50.00
Verification of Student I.D. Card at Exams30.00
Replacement of Student I.D. Card30.00
Rush Transcript Fee (24 hour rush service)15.00
External Exam Administration Fee100.00
Transcript per copy (students who are not covered under Service Fee agreements)10.00
Supplementary Application Processing Fee85.00

Students writing deferred examinations at another centre are responsible for payment of fees, which may be assessed by the other examination centre.

Financial/Administrative User Fees

Certificate Replacement Fee
Income Tax Receipt/Education Credit CertificateNo fee
Certification of Fee PaymentNo fee
Meal Plan Withdrawal Fee$50.00
Meal Card Misuse Fine25.00
Returned Cheque Charge (NSF, Stopped Payment)
First Occurrence55.00
Each Subsequent Occurrence (Additional)15.00
Option to use Credit Card to pay Student Account1.95%
Late Payment Fee- per term35.00
Reinstatement Fee100.00
Library Charges
Overdue Recalled Books (per day)5.00
Overdue Reserve Material (per hour)5.00
Overdue Laptops & Projectors (per hour)20.00
Replacement Cost (up to); list of item costs will be posted for users2500.00
Non-refundable Administration fee for Replacement Cost25.00


Costs Other Than Fees For Students in Clinical Courses

You must buy uniforms, shoes and uniform accessories, for clinical practice. If you are a Nursing student, your uniform and accessories are ordered under the direction of the School of Nursing. The approximate cost is $200.00. Level I Nursing students are also required to purchase a stethoscope at approximately $100.00 and a basic blood pressure cuff at approximately $40.00.

Registration Examinations

Graduates of the B.Sc.N. program can expect to pay fees (currently, approximately $600.00) to write the comprehensive registration examinations administered by the College of Nurses of Ontario.

Insurance of Personal Property on University Premises

The University cannot assume any responsibility for the personal property of any employees, faculty members, or students, nor does the University carry any insurance that would cover their personal property. In most cases, personal fire insurance policies provide an automatic 10% extension covering property away from home. You should inspect your insurance policies to be certain that this is the case.

Death and Dismemberment Insurance

The University considers that the purchase of insurance coverage for death and dismemberment is the individual responsibility of its students. There are various insurance plans available, and although the University does not specifically endorse any one of these plans, it has no objection to explanatory brochures and literature being posted on bulletin boards or distributed in appropriate places. If you are involved in laboratory or field work, you are particularly encouraged to investigate such coverage.

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