Mount Allison University Transfer Credit

Mount Allison University Transfer Credit

MTA Transfer Credit

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Transfer credit evaluations are completed by the Registrar’s Office. Before a transfer credit evaluation can be completed, the following  are required:

  • Official hard-copy final transcript (conditional evaluations may be completed based on transcripts listing courses in progress)
  • Detailed course descriptions (IB, AP, and GCE students are only required to submit course descriptions if specifically requested)
  • An evaluation will not be completed until you’ve accepted your offer of admission through payment of the registration deposit

For more information on the progress of your transfer credit evaluation, please contact

IB students
Students who successfully complete the IB diploma may receive up to 30 transfer credits. Find out more about IB transfer credits and Mount Allison equivalencies for select IB courses.

Regulations and requirements
Regulations governing admission with advanced standing and transfer students can be found in sections 3.9 and 3.10 of the academic calendar.  See also section 10.10.2 for academic residency requirements (the number of courses which must be completed through Mount Allison).

Course registration
You will only be able to register for courses without prerequisites until your transfer credits have been added to your Mount Allison transcript. Students are strongly advised to register for courses as soon as possible. Contact the academic advisor for advice on course registration if you have not yet received the results of your transfer credit assessment. Course registration can be adjusted once the assessment is complete.

Transfer credits will be recorded with a grade of P or CP on your Mount Allison transcript. Transfer credits with a grade of P qualify as equivalent to a grade of C- for purposes of fulfilling prerequisite requirement. Transfer credits with a grade of CP cannot be used to fulfill prerequisite requirements.

The word ‘non-designated,’ often applied to transfer credits, means that credit value is recognized and granted for the course though no Mount Allison offering was selected as the direct equivalent. Non-designated transfer credits are not recorded with a grade on your Mount Allison transcript.

Transfer credits are excluded from your Mount Allison grade point average calculations.

The application of these transfer credits will vary depending on the degree.

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