MSVU Admission Requirements for Non Degree Applicants

MSVU Admission Requirements for Non Degree Applicants

Mount Saint Vincent University Admissions Requirements

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Non-degree status is intended for students who wish to take courses without being enrolled in a degree program. Students entering the University under this status are not admitted formally to the University and are not registered as degree students.

Individuals who are accepted as non-degree students may complete up to five (5.0) units of undergraduate coursework without applying for formal admission to the University.

Admission Process

  • Submit Non-Degree Student Application online.
  • Pay application fee.

Conditions, Rules and Policies

  • The University’s English Language Proficiency requirements must be met.
  • Course prerequisites must be met.
  • Official transcripts are issued for non-degree students.
  • Non-degree students are subject to all University rules, regulations, and policies, including student conduct, and academic requirements.
  • Non-degree students may be suspended from registering for courses for non-compliance of University rules, regulations, and policies. If course registration privileges are suspended, non-degree students may not re-register for courses until they have been offered formal admission to the University. Non-degree students who are denied registration may appeal in writing to the Registrar.

Formal Admission to the University

  • Non-degree students may initiate the formal admission process by submitting a formal online application to the Admissions Office.
  • Students who have already paid a non-degree application fee will not be required to pay another application fee.
  • Courses completed as a non-degree student may be considered as part of the admission decision process.
  • Upon admission, courses completed as a non-degree student may count as transfer credits towards the student’s academic program, if applicable.
  • Only students who have been formally admitted to a degree program may graduate with a Mount Saint Vincent University degree, diploma, or certificate.