Mount Saint Vincent University Undergraduate Admissions

Mount Saint Vincent University Undergraduate Admissions

MSVU Undergraduate Admissions

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Bachelor, Diploma or Certificate Programs


1.) Apply to the Mount
Note: Students must keep the Mount student ID number after they receive it by email

2.) Pay the $40 CAD application fee online
Note: For convenience, students can pay online with a credit card and complete the first 2 steps in 10 minutes. If you decide to pay later, you must wait until you receive your Student ID number by email

3.) Mail original documents to the address below:
– Official transcripts (official means original copies in a sealed envelope) from high school
and/or college or university. If the language of instruction is not in English, please enclose
a certified translated copy along with the original.
– Acceptable scores from an English proficiency test such as TOEFL or IELTS
(if applicable). For more information please check Language Requirements.

Mount Saint Vincent University
Admissions Office
166 Bedford Highway, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Transfer Credits (if applicable)
All future Mount students who have studied in a college or university previously will be reviewed for transfer credits to be applied toward their program at the Mount. Transfer credits can only be awarded from an accredited institution. Please note you will need to submit official course outlines for the work you have completed to be assessed for credit along with your official transcripts. You can submit this via mail to the Admissions Office. Up to 50% of a program can only be transferred.

It is important for students to research the programs our campus offer and decide which one is of most interest. Students can click on Programs & Departments to read about our academic programs. The Mount offers scholarships based on academic achievement.

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