Mount Allison University Accommodation and Residence

MTA Accommodation and Residence

Mount Allison University Accommodation and Residence

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10.10.1 Residences

Mount Allison is a residential university with housing facilities available for approximately 50% of the student population. Each residence is unique and provides a positive living and learning environment, which promotes a balanced university experience. All first-year students who want to live in residence are guaranteed accommodation if deposit deadlines are met.

Since 1973 the University has offered co-ed residence facilities to its students. Bennett, Bigelow, Hunton, and Windsor Houses offer single and double rooms while Edwards, Harper and Thornton have single rooms. Campbell Hall offers single rooms with en-suite bathrooms. Some co-ed residences are divided by floor or by wing, while others have male and female rooms integrated on the same floor.

The Cuthbertson House Sustainable Residence is an initiative that brings students together in one residence dedicated to creating a way of life based on a participatory approach to living in a manner that will reduce the environmental impact on campus. This will include making conscientious choices, for example, about where food comes from, what temperature to maintain, in order to raise awareness about human impact and resource consumption.

Mount Allison University’s “Animal House” enables students to contribute their energy, compassion, commitment and skill for one academic year in the service of rehabilitating and re-homing unwanted shelter animals. Although it is often wonderful to have the rare opportunity to live in a university residence with several pets, ultimately the students volunteer to be placed in the House for the benefit of the animals.

In keeping with its desire to provide choices in accommodation, the University offers opportunity to those students wishing to live in a smaller residence experience. Anchorage House offers a unique living and learning environment in a quiet, smaller house setting.

Anchorage, Cuthbertson and Animal Houses are limited to returning students although new students will be considered if space is available

Our 11 secure residences offer common lounges, kitchens, study rooms and laundry facilities with high speed and wireless Internet, cable TV and phone hook ups in each room (students provide the hardware). Typical room furnishings are a bed, desk, chair, closets, mini-fridge, lighting and shelving.

Prospective students should note that the University cannot be responsible for personal property. Students are strongly advised to insure their personal belongings. As indicated in the Conditions of Residence Accommodation, pets, firearms and explosive materials are not permitted in residence.

10.10.2 Residence Application Procedure

All first year students who wish to be considered for residence accommodation can apply using the on-line Residence Application on the Connect@MTA website. Assignment of residence rooms is based on the date the $100 registration deposit is received by the Registrar’s Office. The $500 residence deposit must be paid by the deadline to hold a residence room for September. For further information see Fees, Section 4.2.

Students are asked to take the time to answer all the questions on the application, as this helps in appropriate placement of students in residence. Provided incoming students have met all admission and deposit deadlines, they are guaranteed residence accommodation.

Once a student enters residence, the student is responsible for the full residence and meal plan fees. If a student later withdraws from residence, the student will be entitled to the refunds detailed in the “Withdrawals and Student Accounts” section of the University Calendar.

Students studying abroad should contact the Registrar’s Office, <> , in January, if they wish to live in residence upon their return to Mount Allison.