Mount Allison University Admissions Contact

Mount Allison University Admissions Contact

MTA Admissions Contact

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Registrar’s Office
Mount Allison University, 62 York Street 
Sackville, NB  E4L 1E2  
 |  (506) 364-2269

Curtis Michaelis — Associate registrar (acting)
(506) 364-2640

Mareika Dow — Admissions counsellor
(506) 364-2220 |

Regions: New Brunswick, British Columbia, Territories

After graduating from Mount Allison with an Honours in English, Mareika Dow (’12) went on to complete her Masters of Arts from Simon Fraser University. After living in BC and working in management, it wasn’t long before her east coast roots called her back to New Brunswick. While at MtA Mareika was involved with the Women’s Rugby team, participated in Global Brigades, tutored at the Writing Resource Centre, and enjoyed a semester abroad in England. A lover of food, books, and meeting new people, Mareika is excited to hear from prospective students and fellow life-long learners. Reach out to her to discover what makes MtA a dynamic and engaging community!

Daniela Fernandez — Admissions counsellor
(506) 364-2120 |

Regions: Ontario, Québec, francophone

Born and raised in Colombia, Daniela Fernandez (’12) is a Mount Allison grad passionate about community development, global education, and social justice. After completing her honours degree in environmental studies with a major in geography, she went on to complete a MtA Study Abroad program in India before pursuing a year-long internship in Honduras – an interest that developed out of her lived experience in Latin America, and her involvement in Global Brigades Inc. during her time on campus. Since then, Daniela has had the opportunity to work with various non-governmental organizations focused on volunteer engagement, youth empowerment, and sustainable development, primarily in Latin America and Canada. Most recently, she has come back to her New Brunswick roots to work in local community development initiatives. Reach out (in either Spanish, English, or French!) if you would like to connect and find out more about what makes Sackville Daniela’s favourite place in Canada!

Alana Green — International recruitment & admissions officer
(506) 540-1054 |
WeChat: MtA_Admissions
LINE: mta_intl_admissions
Twitter: @MtA_Intl_Admiss

Regions: All international (except United States)

Alana Green lived in Bathurst, New Brunswick until the age of 16, when she moved with her family to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. This experience was the beginning of a life-long love of travelling and learning about other cultures. After completing a Bachelor of Commerce, Alana taught English to high school students in Iwate, Japan for 3 years. Alana continues to enjoy Japanese culture through cooking and language study. Before returning home to New Brunswick to work at Mount Allison University, Alana spent two years living in London, England recruiting international students. Through these experiences, Alana has developed a keen interest in supporting international students in their journey. She is happy to speak to you about Canada and the unique experience of studying at Mount Allison.

Ashley Mah — Admissions counsellor
(506) 364-2626 |

Regions: Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador

A recent graduate, Ashley Mah (’16) is excited to return to Sackville and continue her involvement with the Mount Allison community. Throughout her time at MtA, Ashley was able to pursue studies in her two main fields of interest, biology and commerce, which she continued to study during her exchange in Hong Kong. During her time in Sackville, Ashley has been involved with organisations such as Global Brigades, and was a group leader during the Mansbridge Summit, a panel discussion led by the University’s Chancellor Peter Mansbridge. Known as a foodie with a big case of wanderlust by her friends and family, Ashley would be happy to talk to you about food, travel, and the endless possibilities Mount Allison offers to students!

Justin McKiel — Admissions counsellor
(506) 364-2110 |

Regions: United States, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba

Justin McKiel (’16) came to Sackville from Saint John, New Brunswick to study at Mount Allison, graduating with a double major in Commerce and Music. Justin has spent much of his time combining his passions of music and business outside of the classroom through: Conduct Becoming, the Mount Allison Students’ Union (MASU), Mount Allison Chamber Orchestra, and the Performing Arts Series committee. Justin is always happy to talk about organizational support of the arts, life in Sackville, or university in Canada.

Rachel Thornton — Admissions counsellor
(506) 364-2257 |

Regions: Mature, transfer, exchange, and visiting students

Originally from Carp, ON, Rachel Thornton (’15) graduated from Mount Allison with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in drawing and printmaking. Through Mount Allison she has worked with Start Gallery, as a Canadian studies research assistant, printmaking and sculpture student technician, exhibition and educational outreach assistant, and intern at the Owens Art Gallery. She continues to be involved with groups such as CHMA 106.9FM, the MtA Zine Library, and Struts Gallery. If not on campus, she can be found riding her Canadian horse, J.C., in a field somewhere across the marsh. Rachel is happy to let you know more about what makes Mount Allison and Sackville such a special community!

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