Mount Allison University Important Dates and Deadlines

By | February 25, 2017

Mount Allison University Important Dates and Deadlines

MTA Important Dates and Deadlines

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Sept. 30: Application opens
The application for admission for the ‘2017-18 academic year’ opens. Students may apply for early admission with a final Grade 11 transcript at this time. For more details, see apply online

Oct. 14: Fall Open House
Fall Open House

Nov. 2: Residence application opens
Residence application opens. For more details, see apply to residence

January/February: Mid-year transcripts submission
Students who have not yet applied can do so with mid-year transcripts. Students who have already been offered early admission should submit mid-year transcript for entrance scholarship consideration.

March 1: Scholarship and bursary deadline
Your admission application, a mid-year transcript, and your scholarship application must be received by this date. The scholarship application is available on the secured student network site Connect@MTA. Access will be granted at time of admission. For more details, see Costs & Financial Aid.

March 1: Residence early-bird deadline
Residence early-bird deadline is for advanced room assignments. Receipt of your $100 registration deposit, residence application, and $500 residence deposit by this date will provide you your room assignment in advance. After March 1, room assignment priority will be based on order of deposit receipt. For more details, see apply to residence

March 3: Spring Open House
Spring Open House

May: Course registration opens
Course registration opens for new students. For help with course registration, see RegHelp

May 5: Registration deposit due
$100 registration deposit is due, unless otherwise noted on your offer of admission. For information on how to pay deposits, see fee payment

July: Final transcript due
Official final transcripts are due, sent directly from issuing institution

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