Mount Allison University International Programs

Mount Allison University International Programs

MTA International Programs

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International Programs

7.11.1 Study Abroad and Exchange Programs

Mount Allison has exchange and study abroad programs in several parts of the world and encourages participation in international experiences. Most programs allow qualified students to complete a period of study abroad for which students can be assessed for transfer of credit. To participate in one of these programs, students must be in Good Standing. In most cases, selection of participants is competitive and preference is given to students who have a GPA of 3.0 and who will be in their third year of study while abroad. Some programs have further specific criteria (such as language requirements) and students are encouraged to consult with the listed program co-ordinator.

Mount Allison currently has partnerships with:

AustraLearn, study abroad opportunities at 32 universities in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji
Program Co-ordinator: Robert Summerby-Murray
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain
Program Co-ordinator: Juan Carlos Martinez
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Program Co-ordinator: Rosemary Polegato
Eberhard-Karls-Universität (Tübingen), Germany
Program Co-ordinator: Adam Christie
The Hague University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands
Program Co-ordinator: Nauman Farooqi
Killam Fellowship (tenable at a United States university)
Program Co-ordinator: Michael Fox
Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan
Program Co-ordinator: Tim Reiffenstein
Mid Sweden University, Sweden
Program Co-ordinator: Judith Doyle
North American Mobility Programs (with Wilfrid Laurier, Université de Moncton, Université Ste.-Anne; and Bowling Green State, Georgia Southern, Nicholls State, Central Arkansas, Universidad Veracruzana, Universidad de Sonora, Universidad de Colima, and Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan.
Program Co-ordinator: Robert Summerby-Murray
Norwegian School of Management and Norwegian School of Marketing, Norway
Program Co-ordinator: Nauman Farooqi
Ochanomizu University, Japan
Program Co-ordinator: Mohammad Ahmady
Queen’s University – Herstmonceux Castle, United Kingdom
Program Co-ordinator: Robert Summerby-Murray
University of Otago, New Zealand
Program Co-ordinator: Robert Summerby-Murray
Phillips Universität Marburg, Germany
Program Co-ordinator: Will Wilson
The Shastri – Mount Allison Summer Program in India
Program Co-ordinator: Terrence Craig
University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
Program Co-ordinator: Robert Summerby-Murray
Université de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France
Program Co-ordinator: Mark Lee
Washington Center for Academic Internships, Washington, D.C.
Program Co-ordinator: Tamara Small
Zhejiang University, China
Program Co-ordinator: Owen Griffiths


Mount Allison’s MASSIE Program (Mount Allison Sophomore Semester in English) offers an on-campus, full-immersion language experience for students from Mount Allison’s partner university in Japan. The Program was created to give 2nd year students from Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU) the opportunity to live and study in an English environment for one university term. Students live with Mount Allison roommates during the Fall term and with residence monitors during the Summer session. Students in both groups are paired with volunteers from campus and the community who act as English conversation partners. Since the program’s beginning in 2000, over 550 KGU students and 950 Mount Allison students have been involved as participants and volunteers. Mount Allison and KGU enjoy a 22-year history of faculty and student exchanges.

7.11.3 Academic Credit for Independent International Experiential Learning

Academic credit may be awarded for certain forms of independent international experiential learning subject to the criteria listed below and with the approval of the appropriate Academic Dean. Examples of such international experiences and programs include, but are not limited to, projects managed through Leadership Mount Allison, the World University Service of Canada Seminar and Canada World Youth. Normally, three credits per experience (to a maximum of 6 credits) may be assigned to an independent international experiential learning course (INEX 3/4000/01) as recommended by the course supervisor and approved by an Academic Dean. A letter grade will be assessed for the credit. A maximum of 6 credits may be included in a student’s degree from this mechanism. Normally, students must have third year standing at the time of course approval and may not gain additional academic credit under this regulation where credit has been assigned as part of an existing Mount Allison course. Credit obtained from the independent international experiential learning cannot be used to fulfill distribution requirements.

To be eligible for academic credit, the independent international experiential learning must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. the international experience is provided through an organization or institution which supports open inquiry and intellectual freedom,
  2. four months prior to the international experience, the student must consult with an appropriate faculty supervisor and forward their study plan (see below) to the International Programs Committee. The International Programs Committee will make a recommendation to the appropriate academic dean who will confirm their decision with the Registrar, including the course to which credit will be assigned,
  3. the study plan submitted to the faculty supervisor and the International Programs Committee must contain:
    1. a brief description of the intended international experiential learning, including beginning and ending dates;
    2. an overview of the sponsoring international organization and supporting documentation on the particular program, including a letter of acceptance noting the student’s involvement, where appropriate;
    3. a description of any academic components required before or during the program (such as public seminars, pre-departure sessions, academic or cultural preparation); and
    4. a plan for the academic evaluation of the experience that demonstrates its contribution to the student’s scholarly understanding. The study plan must include an analytical assignment which forms the basis for the assigning of academic credit. All elements of the study plan are to be completed before credit will be assigned,
  4. the requirements of the University’s policy on liability for international student travel must be met,
  5. following the experience, the student shall request that a letter from the director/co-ordinator of the international experience or program be submitted to the dean confirming that the student completed the experiential learning program successfully.

INEX 3/4000/01 (6/3CR)
Prereq: Normally third-year standing at the time of approval under regulation 7.11.3
A university-wide course that provides credit for academic analysis of independent international experiential learning. Normally, three credits (and up to six credits) may be awarded per experience (to a maximum of six credits in a student’s degree program) based on an independent international experiential learning program evaluated under regulation 7.11.3.

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