Mount Allison University Official Letters

Mount Allison University Official Letters

MTA Official Letters

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Official letters
Confirmation of enrolment

Students who require confirmation of their enrolment status at Mount Allison can produce a confirmation of enrolment letter using the form on Connect.

Students can produce a confirmation of enrolment letter from a list of options for a past term (FA or WI) or academic year (FW) or the current term or academic year.


The enrolment letter produced in Connect:

*         features Mount Allison University letterhead;

*         uses data directly from your student record;

*         is considered official by third parties.

Note: if the confirmation of enrolment letter through Connect does not accurately reflect what you believe to be your enrolment status, please notify and make your request using the online form.


The enrolment letter produced in Connect is not suitable for:

*         government student loan forms;

*         study permit applications*;

*         documents issued by a third party with a section that must be completed and signed by MtA. If this is required, please come to the registrar’s office on the second floor of the Wallace McCain Student Centre to have these forms completed or send the forms by attachment to or by fax to 506-364-2272


If you require a confirmation of enrolment letter that also includes a statement verifying your anticipated date of graduation, please make your request using the online form.


In the “additional notes” field please be sure to note that you require your anticipated date of graduation in the body of the letter.


*Please note: If you require a confirmation of enrolment letter for a study permit application and need the Designated Learning Institution number listed please be sure to include this information in the “additional notes” field of the online request form.

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