MUN Required Documents Submission for Admission

MUN Required Documents Submission for Admission

Memorial University of Newfoundland Required Documents Submission for Admission

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The information provided in the table below is general. For detailed information regarding required documents by province/country/curriculum, please visit


Documents Required
Current Newfoundland and Labrador High School Students
  • No transcripts or documents required for general admission.
  • Supporting documents for faculty, school, or program as appropriate.
Current High School Students from outside Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Interim transcript (official or unofficial).
  • Confirmation of current high school course registrations (if not included on the interim transcript).
  • Official report of midterm grades (applicants to the School of Nursing only).
  • Upon completion of end of year exams, final official transcript.
  • Supporting documents for faculty, school, or program as appropriate.
Previous high school graduates.
  • Final Official High School Transcript.
  • Supporting documents for faculty, school, or program as appropriate.
Students Transferring from Other Recognized Post-Secondary Institutions
Transcripts are required from all institutions attended, regardless of the length of attendance, whether or not courses were completed, or whether or not a student believes that the record will have a bearing on admission or transfer of credit eligibility.
  • Official High School transcript (unless a degree or three-year diploma has been awarded).
  • Official, Final College/University transcript(s)
  • Interim College/University transcript (if courses are in progress at time of application).
  • Course outlines if necessary. (see further advice on linked page).
  • Supporting documents for faculty, school, or program as appropriate.
International Students (In addition to the above items)
  • Proof of English proficiency.
  • For transfer students, detailed course outlines for courses completed at your current or former university or college.
  • If official transcripts or course outlines are published in a language other than English, these are required along with notarized, literal, English translations of these documents.
Visitor – Seeking admission to take courses for either (1) transfer back to home institution, (2) admission to a Memorial University graduate program.
  • Official transcript from home institution or
  • Letter of Permisson from home institution or
  • Copy of provisional admission letter from Memorial’s School of Graduate Studies.
Mature Students (aged 21 years or older within one month after the beginning of the semester or the session to which admission is being sought and who do not hold qualifications specified for other categories)
  • Proof of age.
  • A letter outlining the grounds for requesting special consideration.
  • Two letters of reference from persons competent to assess your ability to proceed with university studies
  • Official high school transcript.
  • Official college or university transcripts, if applicable.
  • Supporting documents for faculty, school, or program as appropriate.
Admission of Mature Students is subject to the approval of the University Committee on Admission.

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