NSCAD University Application Forms

NSCAD University Application Forms

NSCAD Application Forms

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Academic Forms

Academic Appeals Guidelines
To review the guidelines for Academic Appeals and print off the required form. This process is not to be used for Grade Change Requests or appeals (see below)

Cancellation Form for International Student Health Insurance
International Students may use this form to cancel their TIC Health Insurance plan once they are eligible for Provincial MSI coverage. Canadian students need to talk to the Student Union (SUNSCAD) in order to make changes to their health plan.

Change of Grade Request (initiated by student)
To request the change of a final grade. This is the first step in the grade appeal process.

Course Selection Form
Students may use this form to submit their course selections, add or drop classes, or withdraw from NSCAD for a semester or permanently.  Please note that posted Add / Drop dates are in effect.

Declaration of Degree, Major and Minor
Students completing their second year may declare a BFA Major (and minor), or select the B.Des or B.A Degree programs.

Letter of Permission for Halifax Universities
Students intending to take a course on “Letter of Permission” at Dalhousie, King’s, MSVU or SMU require an authorized letter.  Print and fill in this form and bring it to the Office of Student and Academic Services for validation.

Re-entering After an Absence
Submit this form if you wish to return to NSCAD to resume your studies after an absence of 3 semesters or more.

Transcript Request
Request for Academic Transcript

Material Fee Change Form                                                                                                     Use this form for active courses for which you with the material fee to change.

Withdrawal for a Semester or Permanently
Students withdrawing from classes must complete a Withdrawal Form obtained from the Office of Student and Academic Services or issue written notice of intent to withdraw.  If a student does not formally withdraw from NSCAD, the student will be charged full tuition fees and other applicable fees.

Withdrawal from a semester is effective the date written notification is received in the Office of Student and Academic Services.  The Office of Financial Services will be notified by the Office of Student and Academic Services. Until official written notification is received by NSCAD, students are ineligible for any refund of fees or exemption from unpaid fees.  If the student’s withdrawal will result in a refund, the student must apply for the refund at the time of her/his change in registration status.

NON-ATTENDANCE DOES NOT CONSTITUTE OFFICIAL WITHDRAWAL and will result in a student receiving a Fail grade and being ineligible for any refund of fees or exemption from unpaid fees.

Summer Approval and Prerequisite Form
Students (Degree, Visiting or Non-Degree) who wish to take summer courses at NSCAD for which they lack the prerequisites should use this form to gain the appropriate approvals.

Master of Fine Arts Forms

Application to Enrol in a Course at an Outside Institution

This form is for NSCAD students who would like to enrol on a Letter of Permission at an outside institution. This form is to be reviewed by the Director of the MFA Program and the Registrar. Please be sure to complete a LETTER OF PERMISSION form as well.

Application to take an Undergraduate Course for Graduate Credit

This form is for external students (i.e. Dalhousie, SMU or MSVU) who are interested in taking an undergraduate course for graduate credit at NSCAD. It is to be filled out and returned to the Director of the MFA Program.

Design Forms

This registration form is for students who would like to take Communication Study – DSGN 3903/6.

This registration form is for students who would like to take Design Research – DSGN 4150.

Graduation Forms

Application to Graduate
Students are required to apply to graduate. Deadlines are as follows:
Oct 30 to graduate in May (Commencement Ceremony)
February 15 to graduate in August
(degree conferral October 15)
February 15 to graduate in December
(degree conferral February 15 of the following year)


Financial Forms

Material Fee Refund Form
This form must be submitted to the Business Office to receive a refund of Material Fees after the semester has begun.  Please read the form carefully for instructions.


General Forms

Change of Address
If your Local or Permanent address changes, it is very important that this information is submitted to the Office of Student and Academic Services. Please fill out this form and drop off, mail or fax it to the OSAS office. Forms are also available at the OSAS office.

Locker Application and Policy
Submit this form to the Security Desk at the Port Campus if you wish to obtain a Port Locker. Please read the instructions carefully.

Release of Student Information
Submit this form to the OSAS office if you wish to have elements of your academic file (i.e. grades, transcripts) released to anyone other than yourself. This form can also be used for release to third parties for items such as confirmation of degree completion for employment purposes.

Wireless Network Directions
Instructions on how to access the wireless network at NSCAD.

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