NSCAD University Graduate Programs

NSCAD University Graduate Programs

NSCAD Graduate Programs

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NSCAD offers the following graduate degrees:

Master of Design

The Master of Design is a one-year program. Over the course of three semesters, beginning in May of every year, students take 42 credits of prescribed Studio and Liberal Arts and Sciences courses, and complete a graduate thesis/degree project. The emphasis of the Program is on practice-led research, hence every student’s degree project will be one that focuses on new knowledge gained through reflective practice. Students will present their research through their design work, accompanied by an extended written paper; by a public presentation, and in appropriate circumstances in a group exhibition.

Master of Fine ArtsThe Master of Fine Arts degree is awarded after the successful completion of 42 credits of course work and other program requirements (including the Final Exhibition and Thesis) taken over a 20 to 24 month period, beginning in the Fall semester. The university’s MFA Program, in existence since 1973, provides students with the opportunity to develop their work in a context of intense critical discussion. Academic studies in art history or other relevant subjects form an integral part of the program.

Students are selected for their capability as artists, craftpersons, or designers; their understanding of related critical information; and the personal qualities and interests that might be expected to contribute to their success as teachers and scholars.

The university’s MFA Program addresses the main areas of study offered at the university: Craft, and Fine and Media Arts.

The Master of Fine Arts in Craft program is discipline-based in ceramics, jewellery design and metalsmithing or textiles.

The Master of Fine Arts in Fine and Media Arts is cross-disciplinary in nature, though students may concentrate in audio and video, digital media, drawing, film, installation, painting, performance art, photography, printmaking, or sculpture

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