RMC Canada Transcript and Documents Request

RMC Canada Transcript and Documents Request

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How to Request Transcripts and Other Documentations

To request:

  • transcripts,
  • proof of enrollment,
  • course descriptions,
  • letters relating to statement of studies,
  • certificates of graduation or,
  • any other documents, please use the form below.

Requests must be made:

  • via regular mail,
  • via email,
  • via fax or
  • in person.

All requests must include an Academic Transcript and Document Request Form (pdf version, 212 kb).

If you are requesting a Diploma Replacement, please use the Diploma Replacement Request Form (pdf version, 122kb).

Administrative Fees and Accepted Methods of Payment

Administrative Fees

The list of fees is available at RMC of Canada Academic Fees.

Accepted Methods of Payment

  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX)
  • Certified cheque or Money Order (payable to “The Receiver General for Canada”)
  • Cash or Debit payments are acceptable if submitting the request in person.

Processing of Requests

  • Requests are normally processed within 10 business days from the date they are received by this office.
  • Requests for “Rush Service” are normally processed within 2 business days.