RMCC Application for Admission Into Undergraduate Programs

By | June 12, 2017

RMCC Application for Admission Into Undergraduate Programs

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Eligibility Criteria

In order to pursue studies at RMCC, you must meet certain eligibility criteria. They are:

a)Must be a Canadian Citizen or authorized by the Canadian Government; b) Must possess the academic programme prerequisites OR qualify for Mature Student status

c)Must meet one of the following conditions:

Be a member of the Regular or Reserve Force and have completed basic MOSID training. Members who have not yet completed their training may apply with written recommendation of their Unit or Formation Commander

Be honourably released from the Regular or Reserve force

Be an employee of the Department of National Defense (DND) or another Federal government department

Be the spouse of a member of the CF – Regular Force

Note: Individuals who do not meet the eligibility requirements for admission to

RMCC as specified above and who wish to pursue RMCC’s Certificate Programmes or specific individual courses offered by RMCC may apply as ‘interest only’ students and may be accepted, on an exceptional basis, provided there is space available and their admission serves the aims established for RMCC, the CF and the Government of Canada.

Required Documents For Admission

Please ensure you provide the necessary documentation along with your application. Applications submitted without proper documentation will not be processed.

Undergraduate Studies Application Fee $50 (non- refundable)

Photocopy of high school transcript and official transcripts of any college/university course marks. Note: these documents are not required if applying as an interest only, or visiting student.

If Regular Force, a Military Personal Record Résumé (MPRR) (formerly CF 490A). Or if Reserve Force, a CF 1007 Record of Reserve Service

If you are a spouse, please provide proof of same if your name is not indicated on the Military Personnel Record Résumé (MPRR – formerly CF490A). Include a copy of your spouse’s Military Personnel Record Résumé (MPRR).

If you are an indeterminate or term civilian employee of the Canadian Federal Government please send a photocopy of both sides of your government ID card or letter of employment offer.

Individuals interested in studying at the Royal Military College of Canada must complete and forward this application by mail or by fax, along with supporting documentation and application fee to the Associate Registrar – Admissions.

Please read all of the following statements to determine the category that best describes your situation. This is your student type

Regular Student.

A regular student is a student who meets any of the following conditions:

is currently completing high school in Canada and wishes to apply for admission as a current high school student seeking admission on the basis of a high school transcript;

has completed high school and is applying as a high school graduate;

has attended university/college before and completed four full courses (24 credit hours) or less of coursework;

has attended university/college before and completed four full courses or more but less than a full degree and wishes to be a transfer student; or, has completed an initial university degree and wishes to complete a 2nd degree.

Visiting Student.

A visiting student is a student enrolled in a degree programme at another university who is authorized by their home university to take courses at RMCC. Except where a formal exchange agreement exists, a Visiting Student must provide a letter of permission from the home university in order to be approved for registration in an RMCC course.

Interest Only Student.

An interest only student is a student who enrols in courses without being admitted into a Programme of Study at RMCC or another university. Normally “Interest Only” students may enrol in a maximum of three credits in a given term, and may not complete more than a total of six credits before being required to seek admission into a Programme of Study.

Mature Student.

A mature student is a student who:

does not meet the academic requirements for admission as a regular student,

is over 21 years of age,

is a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident; and

wishes to be admitted under Mature Student Status.

RMCC Undergraduate Application Form

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