SFU Graduate Application for Admission

SFU Graduate Application for Admission

Simon Fraser University Graduate Application for Admission

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Application is through the online application system: http://www.sfu.ca/dean-gradstudies/future/application_process.html. Completed applications and accompanying materials must be submitted to the department before the deadline specified by the department. Applicants are advised to check with the appropriate department as to the prevailing application procedures and deadlines for the graduate program in which they are interested. Applicants are advised that deadlines for applications for awards and teaching assistantships may be earlier than the deadlines for application to a graduate program.

All decisions on graduate admissions are made by the senate graduate studies committee, on recommendation from graduate program committees. Decisions on admissions shall be final. Final approval of admission for non-degree students or exchange graduate students is by the dean of graduate studies.


The documents which students supply to support admission applications will be retained for three terms following the term to which application is made. Then, application forms, transcripts and other materials related to applications will be destroyed. Irreplaceable documents will be returned to the applicant if requested at the time of application. All other documents become the property of the University


Simon Fraser University gathers and maintains information used for the purposes of admission, enrollment and other fundamental activities related to being a Simon Fraser University community member and to attending a public post-secondary institution in the Province of British Columbia. When submitting an application for admission, all applicants are advised that the information they provide and any other information placed into the student record will be protected and used in compliance with British Columbia’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (1992).

All British Columbian applicants will be asked to provide their BC personal education numbers (PEN) at the time of application. All others will be assigned a PEN by the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education, Training and Technology. Its uses are restricted to research and program evaluation. No identifiable personal information will be released.

1.3.11 Application to Complete a Second Master’s or Doctoral Degree

Students who have a master’s or a doctoral degree (either from Simon Fraser University or another university) can apply to complete a second master’s or doctoral degree under the following constraints.

  1. no course work completed for the first degree shall count towards the second.
  2. none of the research done for the first degree shall be used for the second.
  3. none of the enrollment terms for the first degree shall count towards the enrollment terms for the second degree.

1.3.11a Application to Complete a Non-joint Concurrent Graduate Degree

Students who are currently registered in a master’s or doctoral degree at Simon Fraser University can apply to complete a second master’s or doctoral degree concurrently under the following constraints:

a) no course work completed as part of the first degree shall count towards the second degree;

b) none of the research done in the first degree shall be used in the second degree;

c) none of the enrollment terms for the first degree shall count towards enrollment terms in the second degree;

d) to apply to and enrol in a second graduate non-joint degree program concurrently, approval of the original program of enrollment must be obtained and the program being applied to must be informed prior to admission that the student is already enrolled in another degree program at SFU;

e) the GGR’s related to maximum duration for degree completion continue to apply and no extensions will be given due to being registered in more than one program;

f) annual progress reviews must be completed for each program;

g) all university regulations apply independently for each program including the application of tuition fees (i.e. fees will be charged for tuition for each program but ancillary fees will only be charged for each term of registration);

h) a student may choose to apply for a personal leave from one of the programs while completing requirements for the other program (see 1.8.4). (Please note that personal leave terms still count towards the maximum time limit for degree completion);

i) student financial support may be provided by either department following consultation between the two units.