SFU Graduate Student Activity Fee

By | January 28, 2017

SFU Graduate Student Activity Fee

Simon Fraser University Graduate Student Activity Fee

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This fee, which is set by the Graduate Student Society through a referendum of all graduate students, is collected from all students who are enrolled in a graduate program.

Student Activity Fee payable by all students, except as noted below$65.23
designated ‘off-campus’ courses only$32.62
Enrolled in a ‘course unit fee program’ and enrolled in 3 or fewer course units$32.62
Co-operative Education only$32.62
students registered on leave$0.00
The chart below gives a breakdown of the use of this fee by the Graduate Student Society.

Graduate Student Fees Breakdown
Full-Time ($65.23)
Part-Time ($32.62)
Graduate Student Society membership fee$50.58$25.29
Capital Levy$0$0
The Peak: Student Newspaper (PEAK)$4.90$2.45
Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group (SFPIRG)$3.00$1.50
Simon Fraser Campus Radio Society (CJSF)$3.00$1.50
World University Services of Canada Student Refugee Program (WUSC)$1.00$0.50
First Nations Student Association$0.75$0.38