UBC Important Dates and Deadlines 2017

By | January 29, 2017

UBC Important Dates and Deadlines

University of British Columbia Important Dates and Deadlines

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Note that graduate and professional programs do not necessarily follow the term and formal examination period schedule as outlined below.

Term Dates for Winter Session 2016/17

Term 1
(September – December, 2016)
Term 2
(January – April, 2017)
StartTuesday, September 6Tuesday, January 3
Midterm Breakn/aFebruary 20-24
FinishFriday, December 2Thursday, April 6
Teaching Days6162
Exams StartTuesday, December 6Monday, April 10
Exams FinishWednesday, December 21Friday, April 28

Term Dates for Summer Session 2017

Term 1
(May – June, 2017)
Term 2
(July – August, 2017)
StartMonday, May 15Tuesday, July 4
FinishThursday, June 22Friday, August 11
Teaching Days2828
Exams StartMonday, June 26Tuesday, August 15
Exams FinishFriday, June 30Saturday, August 19