University of King’s College Tuition Fees

By | March 6, 2017

University of King’s College Tuition Fees

UKings Tuition Fees

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CHARGES AND FEES – 2017-2018 Academic Year

Tuition – Full-Time Standard Course Load$17,315
per sem.
per year
Part Time$566 per credit hour
RN to BS in Nursing Program$350 per credit hour*
Student Teaching Fee$250 per credit hour
Graduate Professional Development$736 per course
Graduate Programs:
Healthcare Administration:$556 per credit hour
Education:$362 per credit hour
Physician Assistant Program$41,232 per year (12 months)
Medical Technology Program$13,920 per clinical year
College General Fee (full-time)$1200 per year
College General Fee (part-time)$80 per semester
Holy Cross Hall, Esseff Hall
Room (double occupancy)$3,180
per sem.
per year
Room (private)$3,850
per sem.
per year
Luksic Hall
Room (double occupancy)$3,190
per sem.
per year
Room (private)$3,860
per sem.
per year
Alumni Hall Apartments$4,065
per sem.
per year
Flood Hall Apartments$3,950
per sem.
per year
Thomas J. O’Hara Hall$4,205
per sem.
per year
King’s on the Square$3,950
per sem.
per year
Student Health Center Fee
(Resident students)
per sem.
per year
First year students residing in Esseff Hall, Holy Cross Hall or Luksic Hall must participate in the 275 Block or 250 Block meal plans. Other students living in these residence halls must choose from the 275 Block, 250 Block or 200 Block meal plans.
275 Block plan plus $200 flex$3,085
per sem.
per year
250 Block plan plus $375 flex$3,085
per sem.
per year
200 Block plan plus $450 flex$2,885
per sem.
per year
Sophomores living in College apartments (Alumni Hall, Flood Hall, King’s on the Square, or O’Hara Hall) must select 125 Block or higher meal plan. Juniors & Seniors in College apartments, off campus housing, or commuters may select any meal plan listed above or choose one of plans below.
125 Block plan plus $400 flex$2,035
per sem.
per year
75 Block plan plus $125 flex$1,025 per plan
25 Block plan$265 per plan
Alumni and spouses (undergraduate) per credit hour$360
Alumni audit fee, per semester hour$211
Audit / Graduate Division$370
Audit tuition (undergraduate) per credit hour$293
FASP / College Entry$670
FASP / Tier 1 (Freshman), per semester$1,390
FASP / Tier 2 (Upperclassman), per semester$530
Graduation fee (for each degree earned)$185
Late Payment Fee, per semester$110
NSF / Returned Check Fee$35
Orientation fee (new students)$180
Orientation fee (transfer students)$95
Senior Citizens, per credit$60
Student Health Center Fee (per visit)$35
Transcript of record$15
Tutorial fee, per credit$700

* = If receiving tuition reimbursement tuition is not due until the course is completed.

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