Umanitoba Undergraduate Incidental Fees

By | February 15, 2017

Umanitoba Undergraduate Incidental Fees

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UMSU Health and Dental Insurance Fee

Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
Administration Fee
Total Premium

Most students are automatically assessed UMSU Health & Dental Insurance Fees.  Use the links below for further information:

For inquiries, visit:
UMSU Health and Dental Office
Room 110, University Centre
p: 204-474-6666

Registrar’s Office Service Fees

New rates have been posted below, and are effective July 4, 2016.

The Registrar’s Office charges nominal fees for services such as:


Rate (subject to change)

Enrolment Verifications
Confirmation of Degree Awarded
Eligibility to Graduate
Replacement of lost Photo ID cards
Parchment replacement
Duplicate tax receipts
Documentation searches
Transcripts – each official transcript
Transcripts-Same Day
Stamped copy of course descriptions (up to 5 courses*)
*More than 5: charged $1.00 per additional course

Examination Fees

A supplemental examination fee of $85.00 per exam paper (subject to change) is assessed when a student is granted the privilege of writing a Supplemental Examination; this excludes approved deferred exams.

An off-campus examination fee of $85.00 per exam paper (subject to change; plus invigilation and courier costs) is assessed when an application is made to write at a location which differs from the official university/departmental exam schedule; this excludes exams for Distance & Online Education courses.

*This service is not currently available.*  An examination invigilation fees of $85.00 per exam paper (subject to change) is assessed when the Registrar’s Office facilitates and supervises the writing of an examination administered by another institution.

Final Grade Appeal Fee

A fee of $35 (subject to change) is charged per final grade appealed and is refunded if the appeal is decided in favour of the student.

Letter of Permission Fee

A fee of $67.00 (subject to change) is charged per Letter of Permission application.

Locker Fee

Lockers may be made available to students in the building of their faculty or school (usually from their student council or association) with proof of payment of academic fees. The university reserves the right to allot one locker to more than one student. Locker fee rates are the responsibility of the student association.

Audit Courses

Graduate students auditing courses must register for the course(s) and will be charged a fee equal to one half of the fee normally associated with that course.

Extra Courses

Courses taken by graduate students in addition to those approved for their degree programs, are classified as OS (occasional) under “Course Category.” For these courses, students are assessed the appropriate undergraduate fee based on teaching department for all courses taken. Fees paid for such courses are not transferable to a degree program at a later date.

Independent Study courses are covered by the Graduate Program Fees if they are approved as part of the student’s current program.

Occasional Students

All occasional students are assessed the appropriate Undergraduate fees based on teaching department for all courses taken.

Fees paid by a student while registered as an occasional student are not transferable to a degree program at a later date.

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