University of New Brunswick Undergraduate Tuition Fees

By | March 1, 2017

University of New Brunswick Undergraduate Tuition Fees

UNB Undergraduate Tuition Fees

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Tuition is what you pay for the courses you take and fees are for specific services not included in tuition costs including fees that collected on behalf of groups like the Student Union, student newspapers and student radio.

Estimated full-time undergraduate tuition and fees

Fredericton Saint John
Tuition $6,496 $6,496
Technology Fee $53 $53
Facilities Improvement Fee $189 $189
Health Insurance (Fredericton | Saint John) $142 $142
Dental Insurance (Fredericton | Saint John) $118 $118
Installment Fee $30 $30
Health Fee $53 $53
Facility Access Fee $161 $0
Student Union $115 $140
Student Union Bursary $10 $0
First-year Orientation $65 $40
CHSR/CRSJ Fee $15 $25
Brunswickan /Baron Fee $13 $20
Total cost $7,460 $7,306

Supplemental fees

Fredericton Saint John
International Differential Fee $8,500 $8,500
International Health Insurance* $966 $966
Software and Geological Engineering Students $675 $675
Engineering Program Fee (all other full-time engineering students) $1,350 $1,350
Faculty of Law $3,833
Education Practicum Fee $500
BBA Program Fee $200

(In case of discrepancy in amounts between this page and Financial Services, the Financial Services page will be taken as correct.)

*Health insurance rates for international students are based on a 12-month single rate of $966. Please see the International Health Insurance Table for more information and family rates.

New Brunswick students will receive a rebate on the base tuition to cap tuition at only a 2% increase.

Late payment fee

If you do not pay your tuition by the due date, we are obligated to charge a $75 late payment fee.

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