University of Northern British Columbia Transfer Credits

UNBC Transfer Credits

University of Northern British Columbia Transfer Credits

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Transfer credit can be awarded for previous course work completed at another institution. The official awarding of the credit is completed by the Office of the Registrar.

Upon admission into UNBC students will receive a TRANSFER CREDIT SUMMARY. It is important that you review your summary. Please contact the Office of the Registrar if you notice there are any glaring errors or omissions:

Applicability of transfer credit depends on your program of study. Students transferring in from a College Diploma program should consult with your Advisor regarding block transfer credit; transfer agreements; and timely completion of your program.

Student Advisors are the best resource for understanding unspecified credit (UNSP) and how it could be applied to your program. UNSP credit is given to acceptable university/college course work, but has not yet been reviewed by the academic program for program specific credit. Please contact your Student Advisor to determine if you should proceed through the formal articulation process. Please note that the formal process is conducted through the Office of the Registrar, and can be lengthy. An early start in the process is always advised.

Transfer Credit & Changing Your Major

Please note that transfer credit may be awarded based on the Major you have applied to UNBC for. If you choose to change your Major please consult with your Student Advisor to see if your awarded transfer credit will be eligible.

Letters of Permission

Students that have completed a minimum of 9 credit hours at UNBC, are in good academic standing (CGPA of 2.00 or higher), and who have no academic holds on their student account, are able to take courses for credit at other institutions while they are attending UNBC or away for a semester. To ensure credit is awarded students must complete an application for Letter of Permission (LOP) prior to enrolling in the other institution. Taking course work with out an LOP can affect your student status and graduation. Please consult with your Student Advisor about applying for a Letter of Permission. The application form for a LOP is available online on the Advising website or at the Prince George or Regional campuses. The LOP fee of $10.00 may be paid online with your Student Online Services account or at the Cashier on campus.

Important (From Regulation 18 in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar)

Time Limit – Transfer credit normally will not be awarded for courses completed in excess of 10 academic years prior to the date of first UNBC registration. Courses more than ten years old normally will be assigned unspecified credit (UNSP).

Active Transfer Credit – Once transfer credit has been allowed, in order for transfer credit to be retained a student may not be absent from the University for more than 3 consecutive semesters. Otherwise, transfer credit will be re- evaluated as though this were the student’s first UNBC admission and registration.

Second DegreeA maximum of 60 credits from a previous degree may be applied towards a second degree.

Duplicate CreditTransfer credit is not awarded for courses repeated at UNBC. If you re-take a course that you were previously awarded transfer credit, the transfer credit will be removed. If you have failed a required course, you can transfer in the credit for your major.

GPA (Grade Point Average)Transfer credit does not count towards your


Transfer Guides – The BC Transfer Guide can give you transfer information when transferring between a college and a university. . For university to university transfer, it is always best to contact the university (that you wish to attend) to discuss specific transfer issues.

For further information about transfer credit, please contact your Student Advisor at

(250)960-6306 or email Transfer credit Regulations and Policies are published in the Undergraduate Academic Calendar:

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