University of Victoria Graduate Tuition Fees 2017 / 2018

By | January 29, 2017

UVIC Graduate Tuition Fees

University of Victoria Graduate Tuition Fees

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For degree students at the graduate level, tuition is assessed as a total degree program fee, not as a per course fee. Payment of the fee is broken down into “fee installments.” You will be charged an installment for every term you are registered in a degree program. Fees are assessed in September, January and May.

Please note that minimum fee installments apply, regardless of your degree level or program timeline. For full details, consult the Regulations Concerning Tuition Fees for Graduate Programs.

Current fees

  • For current fees, see the tuition and fees schedule. You will be assessed domestic fees if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. International fees will be assessed if you are studying on a student visa.
  • In addition to tuition, you are required to pay other (ancillary) fees as part of student life at UVic and must arrange for appropriate medical insurance.
  • If you are studying at UVic as a non-degree student, you will pay for individual courses on a per-unit basis.

Please note:

  • Students enrolled in the graduate co-op program will pay a work term fee in addition to program and other student fees.
  • Students who remain registered after exceeding the time limit for their degree (normally five years for a master’s degree and seven years for a doctoral degree) will be assessed a program extension fee at the regular tuition rate per term.

Graduate Student Tuition Income Offset Plan

You have the option of participating in a Tuition Income Offset Plan to assist you in aligning the payment of your tuition with your award and/or employment income.  The plan allows you to pay tuition in four instalments over each four-month term and have the payments taken automatically from your bank account.

Full details, deadlines and the authorization form are available from Accounting Services.

Completion Postponement Fee Adjustment (CPFA)

Students who have defended their project, thesis or dissertation within the first 15 days of a term may be eligible for the Completion Postponement Fee Adjustment ($250) in lieu of a full tuition fee payment.

To be eligible, students must be registered in the term in which the defense takes place, and have paid their minimum program fee instalments prior to that term. Final documents must be received in GARO by the final business day of the month.

Students making use of the CPFA will not be eligible for graduation in the term in which they defend. Students completing under the provisions of the CPFA in September or January will graduate in the spring, and students completing under CPFA in May will graduate in the fall.

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