University of Victoria Undergraduate Tuition Fees 2017

By | January 29, 2017

UVIC Undergraduate Tuition Fees

University of Victoria Undergraduate Tuition Fees

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General Regulations

Students should note that the University reserves the right to change fees without notice. The University will give notice of any changes as far in advance as possible by means of a Calendar Supplement.
Student Responsibilities
Students become responsible for their course or program fees upon registration. These fees may be adjusted only if a student officially drops courses, withdraws, cancels registration or changes status.
Students are responsible for knowing in which courses they are registered. Students are required to formally drop courses, most often by using <>, rather than rely upon instructors to drop them due to non-attendance.
Students waitlisted for courses are responsible for monitoring their registration status with both instructors and “My page”. Using “My page”, students should recheck their registration. The courses listed on the system are those for which the student will be assessed fees.
Students are also responsible for determining their fees, either from the Calendar and any calendar supplements or through the UVic website (see address below).
Fee Accounts
The fees for a term comprise:
full tuition for term courses taken that term
one half tuition for full year courses/programs taken that term
any other fees assessed for that term
Statements of account are not mailed to students. Students may view their account balances at <>.
Students unable to obtain their tuition fee information from “My page” may call 250-721-7032 or 1-800-663-5260.
Proceeds of undergraduate awards received or granted by the University are credited to fee accounts.
First-term overpayments and other credits in excess of term fees are applied to unpaid accounts or to the next term if a student is registered in the following term. Any remaining credit balance for a term is refunded on request.
Tuition fees for credit courses are exempt from the Goods and Services Tax (GST), but GST may be required on other fees.

Payment Due Dates

Fees are due by the following dates:
First term
September 30
Second term
January 31
Any additional fees owing as a result of changes in a student’s registration are due by the end of the month in which the changes are made.
Payments must be received by the Accounting Services office by 4:00 pm on the due dates (or on the preceding work day if the due date falls on a holiday or weekend). Students should note that web banking payments will be accepted until midnight on due dates.
Students are responsible for making their payment by the due date whether or not they received a statement of account.
Students who have not paid their full fees by October 31 in the first term and February 28 in the second term may have their course registrations cancelled and be denied other services.

Making Payments

Students are asked to make their payments by Internet or telephone banking, or debit card. Due to commission rates, tuition fee payments cannot be made by credit card.
Students paying through Internet or telephone banking should allow at least 48 hours for funds to be transferred to Accounting Services.
Students may also send their payment by mail, with the cheque or money order (do not mail cash) made payable to the University of Victoria
to: University of Victoria
Accounting Services, Tuition Fees
Box 3040 STN CSC
Victoria BCV8W 3N7
Students may pay in person at the Tuition Fees Counter, first Floor, University Centre, but are reminded that queues will be long just before due dates.
Students should ensure that their student number is written on the face of their cheque.
International Students: please visit for payment options.
Overdue accounts
A service charge of 1.5%, annualized at 19.56% is added to accounts not paid by their due date, at each month end.
Students with overdue tuition or other accounts will only be contacted by UVic at their preferred email address and preferred mailing address as shown on <>. Students are responsible for keeping their information on My Page up to date at all times.
Students with overdue tuition or other accounts may be denied services, including: registration; the addition of courses through “My page”; the use of libraries and athletic and recreation facilities; access to classes and examinations; and receipt of loans, awards, grades, transcripts, degrees and documents certifying enrolment or registered status.
Students who have their registration cancelled for failing to pay their fees by a due date, or who withdraw or otherwise leave the University, remain liable for unpaid accounts. The University may take legal action or use collection agencies to recover unpaid accounts. Legal and collection costs incurred by the University in this process are added to a student’s account.

Tuition receipts

Tuition receipts (T2202As) are issued in February for the preceding calendar year. These forms are available online through <>.
Sample Fees for a Full-time First Year Undergraduate: Winter 2016-17
Humanities, Science, Social Sciences, Fine Arts, HSD1
ELE C, MECH, SENG & Computer Science3
Athletics/Recreation Fees5
UVic Students’ Society Fees5
UVSS Renovation
Other Students’ Society Fees5
UVic Students’ Society Extended Health Plan6
UVic Students’ Society Dental Plan7
U-Pass Bus Pass
Tuition (Domestic)
Co-op Program Fee9
Tuition (International)
Co-op Program Fee9
Academic Program Fee (International)
First payment7
Second payment
First payment7
Second payment
1. Ten courses x 1.5 fee units.
2. Ten Business courses x 1.5 fee units.
3. Nine courses x 1.5 fee units plus one course.
4. For Law students, full time is defined as 6 or more units per term.
5. Half of these fees are charged in each term.
6. Full year Health Plan fees are charged in the first term.
7. The $200.00 acceptance deposit paid by new students is applied towards the amount due September 30.
8. Law Students’ Society receives $20/yr, Career Development Office receives $320/yr. See Law Financial Aid webpage.
9. Co-op Program Fee required each term beginning in year 2 for BCOM and year 1 for ENGR. Based on registration in 5 courses per term.
Fee Reductions
To obtain fee reductions, students must drop courses through “My page” or by submitting written notice of changes in registration to Undergraduate Records and Graduation Services when they take place.
Where fee reductions are granted, they will be based on either the date recorded in the “My page” registration log, or the date on which written notice is received.
Students should not rely upon instructors to drop them from courses. Students are strongly urged to recheck their course registration status through “My page” before the full fee reduction deadlines, particularly if they have made course changes or been waitlisted.
Please note that deadlines for obtaining fee reductions are different from course drop deadlines for academic purposes.

Standard Course Drop Dates

The following fee reductions apply to undergraduate students and auditors enrolled in undergraduate courses. Please note that acceptance deposits are not refundable.
For first-term courses and the first half of full-year courses:
On or before:
September 22
October 13
For second-term courses and second half of full-year courses
On or before:
January 17
February 7

Non–Standard Course Dates

Check Online Timetable: <>
NOTE: The table below is used in calculating refund dates for non-standard date courses. The duration of a course is end date – start date + 1 (i.e. the first day counts as 1).
100% Reduction Deadline and Add Deadline
50% Reduction Deadline
Academic Drop Deadline
15% of duration of course
38% of duration of course
66% of duration of course
After the Add Deadline (same date as the 100% Reduction Deadline) a request to add a course must be submitted on an Undergraduate Course Change Form to Undergraduate Records and Graduation Services; approval is not automatic.
After the Academic Drop Deadline, to drop a course a Request for Academic Concession (RAC) form must be submitted to Undergraduate Records and Graduation Services; approval is not automatic.
A failing grade will be assigned to any course that is not formally dropped by the date specified and a standing of Required to Withdraw will be assigned if the sessional GPA falls below the minimum.
Undergraduate tuition fee reduction deadlines – fee reductions are NOT the same as academic drop deadlines.
Other Fee Reductions
Please note that Ancillary Fees are not reversed when courses are dropped in the 50% drop period.

Fee Reduction Appeals

Students who believe a course drop has not been properly entered in their student record should contact Undergraduate Records and Graduation Services. Students who believe a fee reduction has not been correctly entered in their fee account should contact Accounting Services. In extenuating circumstances involving Academic Concessions, such as illness, family affliction or accident, appeals should be made at the appropriate Advising Centre. If, following such action, a fee reduction issue remains unresolved, the student may submit an appeal, with appropriate documentation, to the Fee Reduction Appeals Committee, c/o Manager, Tuition Fee Assessments, Accounting Services, 1st Floor, University Centre.

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